San Blas is one of the pristine places of Panama and these pictures will tell you why. The pictures have been taken on random locations in the San Blas archipelago and show the great diversity of culture, nature, wildlife and sea life that can be found around the Islands.

Pictures of San Blas

San Blas Islands canoe
The San Blas Islands at their most pristine conditions.

San Blas Islands from a distance
One of the Guna tribes live on this Island. They are using their boats to transport tourist to the Islands.

San Blas Islands deserted
Nobody around to share any stories, playing cast-away is way more fun!

San Blas Island

Isla Perro, commonly referred to as Dog Island is probably the #1 destination in San Blas for snorkeling, relaxing and enjoying the Island vibe. The old gunboat shipwreck is an excellent place to spot tropical fish, colorful coral and other marine life. It lies just in front of the main beach and is partly submerged when the tide is low.

San Blas Islands Chichimei

As you can see most of the Islands are inhabited by palm trees and palm trees.

Panama San Blas

This picture is taken while swimming in the crystal clear waters around the island of Chichimei. Chichimei is one of the larger islands in San Blas but walking around takes you only 10 minutes!

San Blas Panama

When you visit San Blas by boat and you did not enter the Panamanian maritime borders yet you have to go to this frontier in El Porvenir to enter Panama. Getting a stamp in your passport and paying some dollars for your boat.

San Blas Islands water

In the high season you can find a lot of sailboats passing by through San Blas Panama. The sailboats are all anchored here because the island protects the boats against the bigger waves and sea currents. The smaller boat in the front of the picture is a water taxi that can take you to any island or the mainland.

San Blas Islands of Panama

Another small pearl of an Island in the archipelago. If you look closely you can see the reef breaking the waves of he Caribbean Sea on the left. This reef protects the Islands against Mother Nature.

Aerial picture of San Blas Islands

This picture was taken with a GoPRo camera hanging underneath a drone!

San Blas Guna

A local Kuna woman dressed in her traditional Molas. You can see the nice patterns of the Mola on her arms, legs and middle back. The more color and detail the more value the Mola has to the Kuna’s.

Guna Yala

The Kuna’s is trying to sell fish and Molas to tourist in their wooden canoes. They know how to peddle the strong currents!

Panama San Blas Islands

While sailing we passed one of the many uninhabited Island of San Blas. Most of the Islands are to small to settle on for the Kuna’s so they only use the islands as refuge for rough seas or to collect coconuts.

San Blas Islands

Another amazing picture of a tropical bounty island in Guna Yala.

Guna woman

The Guna’s sell their piece of art, which are called Molas.

San Blas Sailing
This cool photo shows the sail of a sailboat and the blue sky of Panama.

San Blas Spanish school

Most Kuna people can’t speak any foreign languages next to Kuna. They take Spanish classes to communicate with tourist and Panamanians. Some Kuna’s can speak English but most of them learned this on the mainland.

Beaches San Blas Islands

The sand you will find on the majority of the San Blas Islands is crystal white and very fine as you can see on this picture.