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As the tourist business isn’t that big in San Blas yet you don’t find many fancy five star hotels with all the luxurious of the modern world. But there are some hotels that are worth visiting. One of them is the Hotel Coco Blanco San Blas that is located on Isla Ogobsibu in the crystal clear waters of San Blas. This hotel has a great connection with the mainland and offers you a couple of daily trips to other islands. The airy accommodations are built facing out over the spectacular white-sand beach and feature traditional bamboo construction. The cabanas or cabins are basic but offer comfortable beds and a private bathroom complete with showers and flush toilets. And yes this is a luxury on the San Blas islands. The Kuna serve you traditional seafood at three times a day. If you’re searching for the real luxurious San Blas experience you can go to Coral Eco Lodge in San Blas. This lodge is located on the coast of the Colon province and offers small water villas built off a long dock that extends into the clear blue water. This hotel is not cheap but you will get the luxury from home.

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Hotel El Porvenir

Location: Isla el Porvenir Kuna Yala
KunaYala, 0834-02496, Panama

The hotel is located on the island of El Porvenir. This is one of the islands every sailboat docks when they enter the San Blas area from the Caribbean Sea because the customs is on this island. The Hotel is small and consists of cabins/small wooden houses over the island. The locals will provide you with food and some drinks in their bar. The facilities are electricity (luxury in San Blas), flowing water, telephone lines to the mainland and a nice calm beach for yourself. Check out some pictures of El Porvenir on this page.

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