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Pictures of the San Blas Islands of Panama

San Blas is one of the pristine places of Panama and these pictures will tell you why. The pictures have been taken on random locations in the San Blas archipelago and show the great diversity of culture, nature, wildlife and sea life that can be found around the Islands.

Pictures of San Blas

San Blas Islands canoe
The San Blas Islands at their most pristine conditions.

San Blas Islands from a distance
One of the Guna tribes live on this Island. They are using their boats to transport tourist to the Islands.

San Blas Islands deserted
Nobody around to share any stories, playing cast-away is way more fun!

San Blas Island

Isla Perro, commonly referred to as Dog Island is probably the #1 destination in San Blas for snorkeling, relaxing and enjoying the Island vibe. The old gunboat shipwreck is an excellent place to spot tropical fish, colorful coral and other marine life. It lies just in front of the main beach and is partly submerged when the tide is low.

San Blas Islands Chichimei

As you can see most of the Islands are inhabited by palm trees and palm trees.

Panama San Blas

This picture is taken while swimming in the crystal clear waters around the island of Chichimei. Chichimei is one of the larger islands in San Blas but walking around takes you only 10 minutes!

San Blas Panama

When you visit San Blas by boat and you did not enter the Panamanian maritime borders yet you have to go to this frontier in El Porvenir to enter Panama. Getting a stamp in your passport and paying some dollars for your boat.

San Blas Islands water

In the high season you can find a lot of sailboats passing by through San Blas Panama. The sailboats are all anchored here because the island protects the boats against the bigger waves and sea currents. The smaller boat in the front of the picture is a water taxi that can take you to any island or the mainland.

San Blas Islands of Panama

Another small pearl of an Island in the archipelago. If you look closely you can see the reef breaking the waves of he Caribbean Sea on the left. This reef protects the Islands against Mother Nature.

Aerial picture of San Blas Islands

This picture was taken with a GoPRo camera hanging underneath a drone!

San Blas Guna

A local Kuna woman dressed in her traditional Molas. You can see the nice patterns of the Mola on her arms, legs and middle back. The more color and detail the more value the Mola has to the Kuna’s.

Guna Yala

The Kuna’s is trying to sell fish and Molas to tourist in their wooden canoes. They know how to peddle the strong currents!

Panama San Blas Islands

While sailing we passed one of the many uninhabited Island of San Blas. Most of the Islands are to small to settle on for the Kuna’s so they only use the islands as refuge for rough seas or to collect coconuts.

San Blas Islands

Another amazing picture of a tropical bounty island in Guna Yala.

Guna woman

The Guna’s sell their piece of art, which are called Molas.

San Blas Sailing
This cool photo shows the sail of a sailboat and the blue sky of Panama.

San Blas Spanish school

Most Kuna people can’t speak any foreign languages next to Kuna. They take Spanish classes to communicate with tourist and Panamanians. Some Kuna’s can speak English but most of them learned this on the mainland.

Beaches San Blas Islands

The sand you will find on the majority of the San Blas Islands is crystal white and very fine as you can see on this picture.

27 thoughts on “Pictures of the San Blas Islands of Panama”

  1. My wife and I visited the San Blas Islands in December 2014 and enjoyed our vacation there since it was different than we were used to. The pictures above give a perfect impression of the islands! You won’t find any large hotels or tourism chains running this place but only peace and tranquility. The islands are absolutely just stunning as the pictures show and most of them are empty without any trace of civilization. I don’t think any of the above pictures is taken with a camera filter, right? If you need more pictures we got some really nice ones that you can share on your website! Just send us an email. Cheers Walter & Inna

    1. wow amazing , Walter i wanted to know how u ended up traveling there. I’m originally from panama and im visiting in May and wanted to know how to get there. did you fly?

    1. San Blas travel guide

      Hey Kelly! What kind of traveller are you? Laidback, relaxing, party, adventure etc? Because there are many different type of Islands 🙂

  2. This is wonderful thank you for the information! still a bit confused about accommodation though plan to go next year for my mum’s 60th would love to know where to stay and also about the other islands. If we based ourselves on one island i am assuming we could get a little boat to a different island eveyyday? xxx

    1. San Blas travel guide

      No problem Katie! Yep it’s really easy to hop from island to island! Only problem is when you’re going in the high season the accommodations can be full so booking in advance is advised. Have fun 🙂

  3. What months of year is the hurricane season and how much does it affect vacationing (accommodations, air temp, sea activities, etc) in the San Blas Islands?

  4. I am really excited for my first panama trip this year – and of course I also wanna stay in San Blas for 2 days.
    But before I will be in Bocas del Toro – and I wanna book a flight from Bocas del Toro to San Blas on 1st of november.
    Is there any possibility to book a flight online ? Or maybe another way to get there. ?!

    muchas gracias!

    many greetz from Allemagna

  5. Bor n raised in Panama, lived there fo 26 years, and never wnt to San Blas. Recently went back as a tourist and took he San Bls tour. MAGNIFICENT!!!!! Saw what I have been missing for all those years… its truly a HIDDEN PARADISE !!!!!

  6. I will be visiting Panama this month and I will be staying in Panama City, I am trying to book a a mini trip over the weekend to the san blas islands, any info would be great

  7. Hi!
    I’m hoping to visit San Blas in mid-March 2018 with my cousin. I am wondering what the process is like of getting there. Also, which islands would you recommend for local culture, art, great food, and tranquil water?

  8. Hi, we will be visiting Panama city in December. Since we are travelling with two kids aged 8 – is the road option safe? I didn’t read well enough but I guess that is the best option? (as I couldn’t see any flights available?)

    1. San Blas travel guide

      Yes the road is a little bit like a rollercoaster but it is fine. You can always ask the driver to slow down if you think he is going to fast. Have fun 🙂

    2. Road option is safe, but I will highly recommend had a local driver who does that trip everyday to take you road is very curvy and hilly, rough in some parts

  9. I was actually lucky enough to be able to live on one of the islands for almost a year, with my family. The closest inhabited islands were Ailigandi and Achutupu.”Our” island was inhabited only by my family (smaller than a football field, 98 coconut trees!), of which there were 6 of us, plus another friend.
    Anyway, that was 1969-1970, and it was the most AMAZING adventure of my life! I feel SOOO blessed to have had that experience, which I have carried with me, proudly, since I was 15.

  10. Not in HURRICANE areas & the weather is always good, any time of the year,,, Stay over night if you have time.. Rather inexpensive & worth the experience…ALSO, if time & money allows, go to San Jose, Costa Rica.. BEAUTIFUL beyond belief & the temperatures NEVER go below 70 OR above 80.. all year long..

  11. Great pics. I spent almost 2 years in Panama from ’68 to ’70 while in the US Army stationed at Ft. Clayton in the Canal Zone. Kuna (we called them San Blas Indians) worked in the mess hall and the laundry and I befriended one fellow who I took to the Hilton Hotel in Panama City to celebrate New Years Eve. My bad, we were quickly asked leave the bar, “no Indians allowed!” So, its nice to see the attention and respect they now receive. Thanks for the website.

    1. San Blas travel guide

      Amazing story Byron! Thanks for sharing this dark past, it’s always good to keep remembering but also moving forward far away from cultural exclusion topics. Are you still friends with the Kuna?

  12. Medrick "Rick" DeVaney

    I was living in Panama, just before you were stationed at Clayton. I was there from early 58 -late 60. I Was schooled at El Instituto Pan-Americano (The Pan-American Institute) out on Avanida Via Espana. And we lived in Paitilla, at that time, a small community of housing. The States could learn a lot of valuable information about education From I.P.A. I learned MORE in 2 years than ALL of what I was taught in The States the previous 9 years & Panama. They managed to teach USEFUL subjects instead of the garbage which The States was trying to PASS OFF as “Education”…. My brother, James (“Jim”), was the owner of “La Tienda De Seguros” (The Insurance Store) just outside the gates of Balboa. As well as “El Patine Eldorado”, “The Silver Skate”, Roller Skating Rink,, Television Panamericano, Paitilla Gulf, and a few other businesses as well..and made a fantastic living by paying his employees well & giving benefits along with their premium wages……I loved living there, but returned to The States just before turning 17 so I could join the USAF on my 17th birthday…..

  13. Medrick "Rick" DeVaney

    LAUREN KELLEY?…..What You Did, by Living On One Of The Islands, Was TRULY Experiencing & Living LIFE..Memories And Experiences to Never Be Forgotten,.. I Envy Your experience & Congratulate You For Having Lived Them…..

    The Vast Amount of People, WORLD WIDE, Never Do…… As Was Said On The Movie, “AUNTIE MAME”…, “Life Is a Banquet & Most Poor Bastards Are Starving To Death.” .. And THAT, Unfortunately, is The Absolute Truth.

  14. Christopher & Sheila Kitelinger

    My husband & I hope to be blessed with the opportunity to visit, what looks like paradise in heaven! Our friend, Joseph lives there and told us the best time of the year is January~May. I assume we need passport & lodging reservations? Where you suggest we stay? Is there lodging on any of these islands? Traveling to your beautiful islands is most definitely on our bucket lists! Thank You! Chris & Sheila Kitelinger ~

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