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Marine life in San Blas

marinelife San Blas
Because the Kuna Indians are keen on preserving their own environment the sea life and wild life in San Blas is barely untouched by humans. You can find a lot of animals everywhere in the San Blas area but most people visit it for the astonishing sea life.

Marine life in San Blas

Fish in San Blas


Since scuba diving is not allowed in the waters surrounding the islands you can only see the sea life by snorkelling. This doesn’t mean you won’t see any big or beautiful fish! The habitat is so untouched you can’t move one meter without seeing a fish or other sight of life. You will find lots of sharks, stingrays, zebra fish, starfish, squid, flying fish, jellyfish, crabs, lobsters, dolphins all around. Don’t be scared to go into the water because of the fish, the fish are scared of you. When you are going for a snorkel trip ask the Guna or book a tour with them so you know where the best spots are. This way you will see the most coral and marine life while snorkeling.

Wild life in San Blas

While the sea life in San Blas is very diverse the wild life on the islands is not that spectacular. You will find a lot of different tropical birds, some insects (yes some mosquitoes sometimes), small reptiles that have swim all the way to the islands from the mainland and sometimes a dog or cat from the Kuna families.