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Accommodations in San Blas

accommodations San Blas
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As the San Blas Islands are not yet overrun by tourist the accommodations you find on the islands are small and not in high quantity. The quality of some hostels, lodges, cabañas or hotels is not always like you are probably used to. This makes it even more interesting for the people that want to explorer unspoiled places that still bare their cultural charm. The San Blas Islands are the perfect location for an Island vacation trip where you can hop from island to island. We will sum up some of the best and worst accommodations on the San Blas Islands. And if you book accommodation on the San Blas Islands watch out that you don’t book a hotel in San Blas in Mexico as this easily pops up when you Google for hotels in San Blas.

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We can highly recommend the following lodges based on guest reviews and price/quality checks.

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You can find eco-lodges, hotels, hostels, hammocks or cabanas to stay for the night in San Blas. Depending on your budget we can definitely recommend staying in a lodge.

Need help to navigate to San Blas? Check out our getting there page for more information on how to travel to San Blas.

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