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Learn to speak Spanish

study Spanish in Panama
Have you ever thought about mastering another language besides your native tongue? And what about a second foreign language to improve your bilingual qualities? Well, then you should consider studying Spanish in San Blas! Studying Spanish in San Blas is one of the classes you can follow as foreigner in this amazing place. You can enroll to different courses that are available for every level of Spanish.

why study Spanish?


Why should you study Spanish and master it like its your native tongue? Well this is easy to support with some prime examples. Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world, which means you can communicate with a significant amount of people in the world! Think about the countries you could visit without having to hassle your way through it. Some well known Spanish speaking countries are; Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Cuba, Colombia, Peru, Spain, Chili, Argentina, Bolivia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Paraguay, Panama and many more! You can ask for food, shelter, directions and the best places to eat and visit without using your hands or guidebook! The locals know the best places but don’t expect them to talk English! Studying Spanish will teach you to master an important business language as the Latin American economies keep growing! With that being said, who doesn’t want to learn Spanish?

Learning in San Blas

You can learn Spanish in different communities and classes on the islands of San Blas. Local teachers or native speakers that can help you along the way will guide you and besides that you are studying in San Blas! Probably one of the most pristine places on earth to sit in the school benches. After school you can dip yourself in the warm waters that are always calm, just to relax before you have to do your homework on the beach.. Is it school or vacation?

Are you a teacher or native speaker?

Do you speak Spanish as any other Latino? And have a thing for teaching? You might be in the right place in San Blas! Teaching a language is a great honor since you help people to respect other cultures and habits. It is always wise to take the neighbor next to you and treat him as your friend, be friend with people you could not understand and they might teach you a thing about life. Contact us for more information.