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Sailboat charter captains

sailboat charter captain
These days many captains of sailboats organize trips from Panama to Colombia. This journey takes around 2-3 days sailing if you go straight ahead but many captains choose to spend a few days and nights on the beautiful San Blas Islands before sailing for open water. We summoned up a few captains of different boats that you can hire for a sailing trip in the San Blas region. If you are a captain and want your boat and service listed on our website than you can contact us!

Top captains ⛵️

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If the highest aim of a captain were to preserve his ship, he would keep it in port forever.

Captains that sail Guna Yala

Pantalasa Sailing Trips
Pantalasa sail logoSail the San Blas Islands on Pantalasa (, a charming 50 ft sailboat, and discover the beauty of this archipelago from the unique view of this comfortable sailboat. Pantalasa has carefully selected magic anchorages and islets, only accessible by boat, to grant you a memorable sailing experience. You will wake up everyday in crystal clear waters to enjoy fascinating snorkeling and sailing. Discover the Kuna traditions and their fishing skills and savour on board delicious dishes based on fresh fish, Mediterranean recipes and good wine.

San Blas Tours

San Blas Tour has been offering sailboat charter in San Blas Islands since almost 5 years. They offer different kind of trips (day trips, thematic trips such as : snorkeling and fishing trips, or discovering Kuna culture and history, or sailing courses, etc, etc… ) and have a great experience about the whole area. Sail trips available all year long. You can also check our San Blas Tours.

Velero Amande

Captain Loïc will bring you on a memorable sailing trip on Amande, his 50 feet long sailboat. Amande is spacious French design sailboat, with lots of space inside and outside the boat. Loïc is also doing sailboat trips from Panama to Colombia (and vice versa) for backpackers or travelers.

Blue Sailing

Blue SaillingOne of the respected booking agencies in Colombia and Panama arranging sail charters to San Blas is Blue Sailing. This booking agency helps captains and passengers facilitate their journeys. We can definitely recommend Blue Sailing as this is one of the oldest and most trusted agency arranging transfers from Panama to Colombia or visa versa. They are located in the Colombian city Cartagena. You can also check out their website on

Moskito Valiente

velero moskito valiente san blasFor the most adventurous we suggest the sailboat Moskito Valiente. The young couple Jose and Marina crew this 41ft sailboat in beautiful San Blas Islands. Perfect to combine relaxation and active participation in the amazing experience of living on the sea: snorkeling, fishing, sailing, beaches, bbq… Dream your perfect trip and they will make it up for you..


Oceantrips is a unique charter agency where boat-owners offer sailing trips on their beautiful yachts in the San Blas. Carolijn, founder of, has sailed and chartered in the San Blas Islands of Panama for over 10 years. In 2003 she started to offer complete and tailor-made sailing trips in the San Blas with the best boats in her network. You can find more information about them here.

Sailing between Panama & Colombia

Panama Travel UnlimitedPC Sailing, the most experienced operators for booking your sailing trip by boat between Panama and Colombia. With almost 10 years’ experience booking this route we can advise you on the best options to make your trip a memorable one. Over the years we have done our best to make sure we work with the best boats that do the trip. The sailing trip between Colombia and Panama has become very popular over the last 5 years and there are many more boats offering the trip than a few years ago. Just be careful when booking an unknown boat as there are plenty of horror stories out there. This is a difficult route with the many reefs in the San Blas and the crossing between Panama and Colombia being renowned as one of the more difficult routes to navigate. Website for boat information is:

Yacht Latina

Yacht Latina
We provide yacht cruises into all 3 amazing archipelagos of Panama. Did you know that panama has over a thousand islands spread across 3 archipelagos? – The San Blas Islands – this is the area where we started our cruising service and it remains our most popular destination with over 300 islands and 10+ yachts to choose from ranging from sailing catamarans to prolific monohulls. – Bocas Del Toro – This unique area is situated in the warm Caribbean waters near the border of Costa Rica, and is the vacation place for those who want to keep close-in to some infrastructure. Great place to hop to different restaurants and bars too – The Pearl Islands – These islands are on the Pacific Ocean side of Panama and were originally named by them Spaniards who discovered them in 1513 and named them and were amazed by the bountiful pearl stores once found in this area. There’s some cool pirate history around here as well. Several of Panamas islands were used as the backdrop for Survivor: Panamá and Survivor: Exile Island, the twelfth season of CBS¹s hit reality show. Lots of good options, even for those who have already sailed in one more of Panama¹s archipelagos. Our sailing itineraries offer both adventure and relaxation. Trips range from 3 days to 2 weeks, are all-inclusive (captain, meals, and accommodations) and are perfectly designed for families and couples. About Yacht Latina:

One other captains that offers sailing trips in San Blas is captain Alex, you can find more information on his website