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Environmental sustainability

environmental sustainability Panama

Environmental sustainability in San Blas Panama is high on the agenda of the local Kuna communities. The Kuna’s are the native inhabitants of San Blas Panama and are keen on the preservation and sustainability of their natural environment. This is also the main reason why there are no big hotel chains in San Blas and tourist’s attractions are limited.

San Blas Panama is an ecological and cultural fragile habitat. The environment has been under pressure from local and international governments and tourism firms, but the Kuna’s still have a stern foot on the ground and are not allowing outsiders to ruin their environment. This makes San Blas Panama one of the most untouched natural and cultural places in the world and Panama.

Sustainability of nature and culture


The sustainability of old Kuna habits is preserved by older generations in their norms and values. Inter community marriages happen far from randomly and are closely monitored by the Kuna village or community leaders. Fish populations are kept under a keen eye with no over fishing or outsiders able to hunt or fish. The Kuna’s even regulate the yearly hunt for lobsters so that the natural resource is never completed. Tourist aren’t allowed on all the islands and don’t think about harvesting coconuts else you will get fined by the Kuna. The sustainability in San Blas Panama is an example for many other places in the world.

Eco-tourism lodges and eco-resorts

You will not find any eco resorts but you will find many eco lodges in San Blas Panama. Almost every Kuna home is an ecological friendly house or lodge that is build with natural materials found in and around the islands. Many of the islands do not support electricity and make use of only the items and facilities that nature offers them.