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About us

logo-san-blas-islandsOn you will find information about the islands of archipelago de San Blas. We provide you with information on how to get around and finding a place for the night with the native Kuna’s for example. We also provide information about a couple of islands that are a must visit on your island vacation trip. Our websites gives you a little taste of how the San Blas Islands are and how to visit them by sailing trip from Colombia to Panama. We hope to see you soon in San Blas!

Our team consists of fellow travellers that have been visiting San Blas many times. If you have any questions regarding the San Blas islands we are here to answer them for you, you can contact us. We run this website with great care for the Kuna Yala region since this beautiful piece of nature and culture should not be destroyed by major corporations. We respect nature and the native Kuna’s in all ways.

Be safe, travel for joy and respect nature and culture – San Blas Team

Other websites we manage


We are so happy to travel and tell our stories that we decided to create more websites that provide accurate travel advice about places that are fun to travel. The information we offer is hard to find online or free but we think that some advice should be free. All the places we write about have been visited many times, this makes our information accurate and fun to read. Check out the next places! You can also read more about the owner Raoul de Boer of all these websites.

San Andres Colombia

If you are looking for another great adventure on a Caribbean Island we can suggest you in visiting San Andres Colombia. San Andres is a small Island that offers great scuba diving spots and tourist facilities. The island is know for its fantastic beaches all around, be sure to bring your snorkel since the water is crystal clear. You can fly to the island from Panama City with Copa Airlines.

Tamarindo Costa Rica

Traveling to Costa Rica from Panama is easy since both countries border each other. The fastest way to get to Costa Rica is by public bus from Panama City to David and then cross the border, this will take you up to four hours. Costa Rica offers similar facilities as Panama e.g. beautiful jungle walks, Caribbean beaches and diving spots but Costa Rica is also well known for its surfing spots. One of the most popular surfing destinations in 2014 in Costa Rica is Tamarindo. Tamarindo is located in the west side of Costa Rica bordering the Pacific Ocean. Therefore it offers excellent surfing conditions with waves for pro surfers and for beginners to practice. This is one of the surf spots you can’t skip when you visit Costa Rica.

The Corn Islands of Nicaragua

If you wish to experience a unique Caribbean experience without facing hordes of tourists than you should definitely visit the Corn Islands. This archipelago that lies 70 kilometers out of the eastern shores of Nicaragua consists out of two islands, namely Big Corn Island and little Corn Island. They are known for their stunning white beaches and serve as an excellent place for scuba diving since the islands are surrounded by a great reef. You can either visit the islands by flying from the capital of Nicaragua, Managua or by taking a ferry from the Bluefields.

Tokyo Japan

One other startup of our team is the new Dutch travel website about Tokyo. This website is an travel-blog about this amazing Capital of Japan. Tokyo is the biggest city in the world and has an estimated population of 37 million people. It also offers additional travel information about Japan. When you are looking for a tropical destination in than Okinawa Japan is the place to go on vacation. These Islands are laid-back like San Blas only they have more tourist facilities and the Islands are larger.

Did you know created our beautiful San Blas website? Many thanks goes out to their team. We hope to work together again in the future.