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Activities and more

snorkeling in San Blas Islands

The Guna Yala region offers various activities you can practice. What about studying Spanish in San Blas? You can learn the third most spoken language on a tropical Island! Not a bad place to go to school. Besides studying there are also research opportunities in San Blas. The local Kuna Communities are a traditional Native American that still uses their old practices today. The language is also a dying one that needs to be documented before the new generations forget how to speak it. Getting a job in San Blas won’t be easy, unless you want to help on a sailboat charter. But you can do volunteering jobs! Lots of different institutions, schools and construction programs need volunteers.

Depending on what you want to do we have some additional information for you;

Some sport activities


On this page you can find information about sports that can practice in the San Blas Region. We’ll provide information about where you can scuba dive or snorkel in San Blas, fishing in San Blas for example on different kinds of marlins and surf-spots you can visit to practice your skills. Don’t forget you can swim almost everywhere in the waters of San Blas because they are clam, clear and warm. Besides the sports below the locals like to play a game of volleyball on the beach or football! Challenge them and they probably will accept.

You can find more information about sports to practice on the following pages;