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Windsurfing in San Blas

surfing San Blas Islands

Coral reefs and sand banks in front of the open waters of the Caribbean Sea protect the San Blas Islands. This means the waves in San Blas are not that exciting at all. But watch out for strong currents when flood or tide hits, this can also make some waves at bottlenecks.



While the waves aren’t fit for wave surfing there is always wind in the San Blas area that can be used to practice windsurfing or kite surfing. This is also a fun way to explorer more islands as you can just wind surf or kite surf to them. You don’t have to wear any wetsuit or protection versus the cold because the water is always warm. But watch out that you don’t drift to open water, as the Caribbean Sea can be unpredictable and dangerous. You can hire surfboards on the islands Isla Perro, Dog Island or Chichimei. On the mainland there are multiply spots for hiring windsurfing equipment but surfing to the nearest islands is pretty far from the mainland.

Kite boarding

San Blas is famous for its sailing mainly because there is always wind to glide on. Therefore, it is also a perfect place for the more experienced kite boarding fans. The medium waves and strong winds can be the perfect combination for amazing jumps. Underneath you will find the awesome video of some kite surfers.