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Most beautiful beaches in San Blas

If you are looking for a island vacation where you can go to the beach every day and never get bored then San Blas is one of the best tropical places to go. Because San Blas has over 300 islands there are many beaches worth visiting and all of them have crystal clear blue water. Some of them are rocky but don’t worry if you move the boat 100 meter you will hit another island.

Top beaches in San Blas

We will sum up the top 5 best beaches in San Blas reachable for tourist by day-trips local transportations by the native Kuna.

1. Isla Perro beach

San Blas Islands


Isla Perro or in English Dog Island is a famous and well-visited spot by travel guides in the San Blas area. Isla Perro is beautiful because of the white sand beach, crystal clear water, palm trees and small bar with a volleyball field in front of it. You can even spend the night here in a tent or hammock. But most people come to Isla Perro for snorkeling in and around the shipwreck gunboat that lies around 50 meters in front of the beach, when tide is low you can see it hitting the sea surface. Because of this shipwreck the second name of the island is sometimes Isla Gunboat. Nature is taking over the ship and it is full of coral, plants and other sea life. You can see small fish hiding in the shipwreck but also bigger fish hunting around in the open sea around it. Therefore, Isla Perro is the #1 spot for snorkeling and relaxing in San Blas. This is one of the islands everybody needs to visit when traveling to Guna Yala.

2. Island Banedub beach

island Banedub
Island Banedub is marked with a skull of a cow head near the beach, but don’t let this sight scare you away! Island Banedub has some cabins and a small bar with a campfire. The beach lies to the south and is out of the current so you can bathe in calm waters. At night you will see illuminating jellyfish and squid swimming around and this sight is truly magical!

3. Chichimei beach

San Blas Islands Panama
The beaches on Chichimei are probably the most deserted in San Blas and the most easy to reach for travelers without a boat. Chichimei is also a well know backpackers hangout that lacks electricity or flowing water. But this relatively big island, walking around takes up to 15 min, has long white sand beaches with crystal clear water all around. They have a volleyball field with volleyball that you can use all day for free. You can stay here in cabin full of hammocks, back to basic with the facilities. Chichimei is a must go for visitors of San Blas.

4. Isla Robeson beach

isla Robeson
Isla Robeson or in English Isla Robinson Crusoe is pretty famous as you probably know the name! This island is another beautiful tropical place with white beaches and warm clear water. The place you dream about at night. Not much to do there then hang out on the beach.

5. El Porvenir

island El Porvenir
When you enter the Golfo de San Blas from Colombia or the Caribbean Sea you will have to go through customs first at El Porvenir. At first sight this island seems a little bit dull because there are actual buildings on it, trust us this is a rare sight on the islands! But you can stay there and enjoy the nice beach, play some football with the soldiers and other travellers and set sail for a new island the next day. This is also the only beach you can visit by plane because of the small airstrip.