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Weather in San Blas Panama

weather San Blas Islands

Is the weather in San Blas any good? The geographical location of San Blas is around 9° degrees on the Northern hemisphere. This means that the San Blas are close to the equator and everybody knows what that means, the weather and climate in San Blas are awesome! So 365 days a year it is a beachday with many hours of sun, even on rainy days!

Current weather in San Blas Panama

Climate in San Blas


San Blas you have a tropical maritime climate with high temperatures and often-humid days. The temperature is never below 20° degrees Celsius and the average temperature is around 27 degrees Celsius or 90° degrees Fahrenheit. The seasons temperatures are the same all year through, but you have a rainy season from May till January that sometimes gives more rain then you need, but enough sunshine to enjoy the beach. An average rainfall of 200 mm every month is common in the rain season. The sea is a little bit rougher around this time of year because there is more wind and sometimes a passing hurricane in the Caribbean Sea. Don’t worry about hurricanes in San Blas because it is located outside the hurricane belt, which prevents it in getting hit by large storms. From January to May the dry season hits in with even higher temperatures and almost no rain, around 25 mm of rainfall each month! The sea is very calm in the dry season and easy to sail. Because there is no elevation in the San Blas area the climate is pretty stable and you will see a storm coming from far away.