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Real estate in San Blas

Real estate San Blas Islands


Real estate in San Blas Panama is very limited. If you want to buy a home or rent a condo or apartments the process will be time consuming. Before you start looking narrow your needs and get familiar with the real estate market in Panama so that you know what the prices and possible options are. Ones you know what kind of real estate you want you should contact the Kuna leaders. Different communities within the Kuna have their own leaders and try to contact the right one for the right place. Buying the property will not be an easy task since the Kuna do not trust outsiders. This means it will take a lot of time and lobbying before you can actually acquire real estate in San Blas.

No real estate on the islands

To maximize your chances on buying or renting property in San Blas it is wise not to focus on any islands. Law and the Kuna’s protect the islands, this means the islands are not for sale and cannot be building on. Focus your plans for real estate ownership on the coastline. This is a beautiful place that is still unspoiled and a trip to any island will only take you a few minutes. If it is to hard to get any real estate or land in San Blas you can always try to find something in provinces such as Colon Panama that are located right next to Kuna Yala.