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Sport fishing

fishing San Blas Islands

While the Kuna survives by fishing in the waters around San Blas they don’t use any spectacular fishing equipment but rather harpoon fish with snorkeling gear. Because the Kuna need to gets fish to survive they don’t allow scuba divers or sport fishing fans just to rampage their waters.

Fishing with the Kuna


If you want to go sport fishing in the San Blas area then we suggest hiring a local Kuna guide. The Kuna will make some money so they allow you to fish in their waters and most of all the Kuna know where to catch the fish. You still can’t use scuba equipment to fish but a normal sea rot would be no problem. Fishing without a Kuna Indian as guide can give you some troubles if you meet other Kuna’s, they will tell you to leave there fishing spots.

What fish can you catch in San Blas

Some fish you might catch when you’re fishing with a local Kuna are different kinds of Marlins like the Yellowfin, Blackfin, white marlins and blue marlins when the tuna are abundant. Sometimes near the open waters of the Caribbean Sea you can catch a Sailfish or a Wahoo. Watch out for the barracudas as they taste delicious but have sharp teeth. Dolphins are also on the menu by the Kuna Indians. These fish are just a couple of examples you can catch while fishing in the San Blas waters.