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hostels San Blas Panama

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Next to the lodges you will find allot of hostels and cabanas that are actually small lodges you share with multiply people. Most of the places offer dorms for more people with hammocks in them. So don’t expect a nice comfortable bed, it is the hammock way around the San Blas Islands!

Cabanas Narasgandup

cabanas-narasgandup-panama*Our Pick* One of the best places to stay in San Blas is Cabanas Narasgandup. They have five traditional Kuna style guest bungalows of which four have sand floors and one a wooden floor. The roofs are all made of palm leaves. None of the Cabanas have air conditioning or television sets because more luxury would just spoil the atmosphere of the traditional home. Next to that it will cause environmental damage. It is possible to stay in every cabana with 4 people as it is possible to move the beds in and out.

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For the true San Blas experience they have two huts built above the sea. This is a true romantic experience. Each hut has wooden floors and thatched roofs to keep them traditional. The cabanas can accommodate up to three people. Every hut features a private bathroom and sea view that will make a stay here unforgettable. There is also a aquarium filled with crabs, lobsters and a sea turtle. All the bungalows are just a few meters from the beach. Narasgandup Cabanas also offer daily meals of which most of them consist of seafood, fresh fish, crab, lobster and conch. All the meals are caught in the waters around the San Blas islands. On some occasions the menu also includes chicken. If you are a vegetarian please inform the Cabanas Narasgandup in advance so they can provide different food during your stay.

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Some excursions
All the trips might vary day by day depending on the weather conditions and other guest that want to join the excursions. A couple of the excursions are;

Trip 1 Visiting the neighboring Kuna community in Rio Sidra (Urgandi or Machine Island). These islands ask an entrance fee of US$ 2 that is not included in the trips price.
Trip 2 Diving and fishing around nearby islands. You can explorer the wonderful sea life of San Blas.
Trip 3 Hike on the mainland and visiting the cemetery. It is also possible to book the additional hike to the Saiba Cascade, which takes 2 hours round trip.
Trip 4 Boat excursions to Dog Island/Isla Perro and the sunken ship. It is possible to dive and fish here, the sunken ship offers a great sea life experience. On the beach of Isla Perro you can also play some volleyball. Entrance fee: US$ 2 Minimum 6 people or extra full charges may apply
Trip 5 Boat excursion to Dutch Cayes. Absolutely beautiful experience. Minimum 6 people or extra full charges may apply
For more information and reservations you can visit their website here.

Cabañas Demar Achudup

Cabanas-Demar-AchudupThe simple but beautifull Cabañas Demar Achudup are located north of the San Blas Archipelago. These lodges are basic but have a pristine beach with crystal clear waters. Fresh lobster for diner combined with stunning sunsets in the Caribbean Sea this place is definitely one of the best to stay in San Blas.

For more pictures, prices and availability you can check here.

Chichimei hostel/cabanas

Another great place to stay on the islands of San Blas is Chichimei. There is an accommodation for around 50-70 people and you share a cabana with 10 other people. The price is only 10 dollars a night and you get breakfast and diner included. The island Chichimei is one of the larger ones but you can walk the island around in 10-15 minutes. It has no electricity but the locals light the island up with some campfires and share stories in Spanish (sometimes English) with you. You have a good laugh here at the bar that serves you Coco Loco’s as much as you want. You can also visit other islands from here that is even more remote, perfect for your island vacation.

Cabanas Iron

Location: Naranjos Chicos, Panama

The Cabanas Iron offers you a place to stay with a nice bed and good food. The lobsters are amazing! The place is a little bit more tourist mined then other places. For example you can buy Molas from the diner room where they serve the local meals. You have a nice beach view from every part of the island.