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Voluntary work

Voluntary work San Blas
Are you on the road? Traveling, backpacking or just on earth to contribute your piece to another society, then you are in the right place when you arrive in San Blas. The Islands offer various voluntary jobs all around the Islands with free accommodation and meals for your services. Some jobs expect you to stay for a few months others only a few weeks. There is a job for everybody!

Where to volunteer?


Depending on the skill set you are bringing you can do different voluntary jobs in San Blas. This are a few examples of past jobs, we cannot guarantee that they are still being offered. First, when you have a thing with nature you can join scientist on their explorations of islands plant or marine biodiversity. Do plants and fish give you cold feet? Then a job among the local communities might be something for you! Teaching the kids how to play sports, helping them with their homework or just assist the teacher. Nothing for you? Well what about construction? Some places definitely need an emergency fix before they brake and collapse. You can also contribute to the local towns or school.

Seasonal work

Didn’t find the volunteering job you are looking for? Then a temporary job at a tour operator might be the right place for you! Helping the Kuna guide the tourist through their wonderful islands and waters makes things easier for foreigners and them. We don’t know what kind of volunteer job is available at this moment, just ask us!