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Air Panama flights to San Blas

Take notice; the only airports in San Blas are; Achutupo (‎ACU), Corazón de Jesús (‎CZJ)‎, El Porvenir (‎PVE)‎, Malatupo (‎MPP)‎, Playón Chico (‎PYC)‎ and Puerto Obaldía (‎PUE)‎. Searching on San Blas will not work!

Airports San Blas

Choosing Air Panama for your flight to the San Blas archipelago is the only option. The airline company offers daily flights to the Kuna Yala region on the airfields/strips of Achutupo (ACU), Corazon de Jesus (CZJ), EL Porvenir (PVE), Malatupo (‎MPP)‎, Playón Chico (PYC) and Puerto Obaldía (PEU). Most of the flights are flown with very small aircraft, which can only take up to 20 people at once. Booking an flight ticket in advance is highly recommended due to the low seats available. All the flight times for the Kuna Yala destinations will not take more than one or two hours and are non-stop. Average flight prices are around $50 – $150. Be sure to keep in mind that some places have not regular daily flights and you might have to move a day or two. Booking your flights can be done on the website of Air Panama.

How much is a flight to San Blas Islands? An average flight from Panama City to San Blas Islands costs around $100 for a roundtrip

Air Panama San Blas Islands

Flying Air Panama

Air Panama is the second biggest airliner company in Panama and has the most flight schedules to various domestic destinations. Gelabert International Airport in Panama City is the airport for departures of Air Panama. The airline company is specialized in small plane flights, which can land on local airfields and small airstrips. The fleet consists of Twin Otter, Boeing 737-300 QC, Britten-Norman Islander, Fokker 50, Fokker 100 and more small planes. The company Air Panama is founded in 1980 and has a relatively safe flight history.