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Travel rates to San Blas


When you are in Panama the most common way to travel to San Blas Panama is by 4×4 jeep from Panama City to Carti Suitipo, or Garti Tupile. You can book your 4×4 jeep in all the hotels/hostels in Panama City to this place. They pick you up by your place of stay and drive you in about 2,5-3 hours to Garti/Carti. This might seem like a long journey but don’t worry the scenic views are astonishingly beautiful. You will drive through Jungle on a rollercoaster like road with sharp turns and steep hills. When you arrive at Garti/Carti you will need a water taxi to take you to the destination within San Blas Panama. If you booked a boat then we advice you ask your captain on which island he docked his ship, if you booked a place to stay with the Kuna’s they can tell you which water taxi’s you should take. Sometimes you need to transfer on one of the bigger islands, this alone is quite an adventure.

water taxi San Blas Islands

4×4 Jeep and water taxi rates

Underneath you will find the average rates for 4×4 jeep rides to San Blas. It also provides an overview for the tourism tax/entrance fee and water taxi rate.

4×4 jeep from Panama City to Garti/Carti, one way$25-35
Water taxi (Lancha) from Garti/Carti to your destination, one way$15-25
Kuna tourism Taxes$10-15
Some islands ask an entrée feeNot more then $20

Flights and sail trips rates

If you are searching for flight to San Blas Panama we suggest you look at our Air Panama page for the cheapest flights and travel schedules. Are you searching for a boat trip into the San Blas area then we have some suggestions of well-experienced Ship Captains that navigate the area. You can find the captains on our sailing pages. Rates for sail trips depend on your time of stay and how many person you are traveling with. For two persons and three nights an average price of 150-200 a person is very common.