Fun facts

In the recent years we gathered some fun facts about the San Blas islands. Some of them are just the words of the mouth, but others are legit and based on facts. Did you know this about San Blas?

Eleven facts about San Blas

  1. You can visit another island every day of the year in San Blas. Because San Blas has over 365 islands.
  2. Operating system Microsoft Windows used a default wallpaper that showed an island with only two palm trees on it, this picture was taken in San Blas.
  3. Chichimei is an island owned by the Kuna community, every three months another family is located here to earn money from the tourist.
  4. You are free to dock on the empty islands but not on all the inhabited islands.
  5. A new road brings you from Panama City to San Blas in just 3-4 hours instead of flying or by boat.
  6. There are no big hotel chains in the San Blas area because the Kuna’s own everything.
  7. San Blas is also a city that is located in Mexico, El Salvador and Argentina.
  8. Most travellers do not want to leave San Blas for their next destination.
  9. San Blas is a known drug trafficking area and is guarded by the Panamanian and US DEA.
  10. You pay 100 dollar to enter San Blas a person by boat.
  11. You can’t make a reservation for staying at most of the lodges, people just come and go.

Do you know more funny facts?

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