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Is San Blas your honeymoon destination?

honeymoon destination San Blas Islands

honeymoon destination San Blas Islands
Nowadays people are searching for the perfect honeymoon destination in undiscovered pristine places around the world. Therefore, the San Blas Islands are perfect for your honeymoon! The islands are definitely pristine and a great alternative for the expansive honeymoon destinations such as Maladives, Seychelles, Hawaii, Mexico or Greece. These places have all been visited by hundreds of newly weds and the tourist industry has grown so big they lost their natural beauty in culture and landscape.

The perfect honeymoon

Before booking your perfect honeymoon it is wise to make a list of your needs that could make the journey perfect. Decide whether or not to enjoy luxury or keep the honeymoon more back to basic. Well if you decide to book your honeymoon to San Blas this is what you can expect. The San Blas Islands (Guna Yala) are located in the Caribbean Sea and therefore offer crystal clear & warm seawater. The beaches on the islands are mostly of white sand and filled with palm trees. Ow and did we mention you probably have the beach all by yourself, so nobody is going to ruin your honeymoon! You will sleep in lodges or hostels that aren’t five star hotels but will have a comfortable bed, air-conditioning and other basic facilities. You can also stay on a sailboat that helps you sightsee around in the area and hop from island to island. These sailboats can be luxurious with foodservice and staff operating the boat. It will lead without a doubt to a tropical adventure on your honeymoon.

Sail the San Blas on your honeymoon

While many people enjoy the sun and drinks on a laidback honeymoon destination some might be more adventures and want to explore some remote parts of the world. We just described San Blas, it is truly an amazing place to sail and enjoy the nice weather. The islands offer basic facilities and the sailboat will show you the best places to dive, snorkel and to toast a drink at night. Imagine this; you are drinking a bottle of good wine on the frontend of the sailboat at sunset, when the sun is down the sea is illuminated by millions of illuminating squad and show you a true spectacle of Mother Nature. The full moon lights up the sea and the tropical islands. Don’t worry it will never be cold outside so you can enjoy your honeymoon night as long as you want.

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