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Sailing from Panama to Colombia

sailboat charter captain

sailboat charter captain
Sailing is getting more and more popular in the waters around Panama. Most people are sailing from Panama to Colombia to avoid the dangerous Darien Gap Jungle between the two countries. Nevertheless, other popular sail spots are the Pearl Islands commonly known as Las Perlas, Isla Coiba, Isla Grande and of course Bocas del Torro.

Sailing in San Blas Islands

Over 40% of the people that sails in the San Blas Islands is heading for Colombia, Cartagena to be exact, or entering Panama and spend some days on the tropical islands. The other 60% is going to San Blas to escape the big city madness or just wants to experience how a pirate’s life should have been centuries ago. These days you can book all kinds of sail charters that bring you to various islands in the Guna Yala. But how do you find the right sailboat charter that is trustworthy and has enough experience to manage a sailboat on open sea? This is very important since it concerns your safety and your life may depend on it. The sea around San Blas can be pretty rough because it is the open ocean. This means waves of around 4-5 meters are a common sight. Every experienced sailor knows how to battle these waves and tries to make the journey as comfortable as possible. But not everybody is experienced enough so sail on open water. For example if you sailed on rivers or lakes before you won’t be able to sail on open sea. The sea is a natural force that should always be respected by everybody. Our advice to people that want to book a sailboat charter from Panama to Colombia is that they carefully plan their journey. This means you should do your research about the boat and company that you are booking with. Does the sailboat charter company have good reviews? How is the sailboat maintained? Any records? And how many years is the captain sailing the waters around Panama? By doing this you limit the danger to yourself and you are going to have one heck of a journey in one of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

Sailboat charters

We can help you out with finding the right captain to sail the Caribbean Sea and waters in San Blas. Our partner agencies have been booking sailing trips into the San Blas for years and they only allow captains with enough experience. If you would like more information about sailboat charters you can use our website. If you are looking on how to get to San Blas without a sailboat you can find more information on our getting there page.

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  1. I would like to spend some time sailing around the islands. Who may I communicate with to plan such a tour. I would like to go around 21-24 of this November . I will be alone . I have my residency . I have a credit card …..or cash . My pay pal account was hacked therefore I do not use that anymore. I see many offers and it is confusing , so I ask for your help.

    Respectfully Larry

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