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News covering San Blas

news covering San Blas Islands of Panama

news covering San Blas Islands of Panama
Because San Blas is still pretty unknown to the bigger mass tourism branches it is getting more and more attention by travel organizations and travel blogs. Here you will find some posts and articles about the San Blas Islands on other websites.


On august 15, 2014 the CNN website posted a travelguide to Panama and mentioned our website on it for the most accurate and informational website on the San Blas islands. This is an great development for our website and shows that the San Blas Islands are getting more and more populair as a tourist destination.

FOX news

FOX news mentioned San Blas among the top 11 spots to visit in Panama. They wrote a wonderful travel article on which places to visit in Panama and added our website for more information about the San Blas region.

The Guardian

The Guardian wrote in 2011 an article about the top 10 places for honeymooners. And guess what, the San Blas Islands where on the second place to celebrate your marriage. You can find more information on this page on

The New York Times

The New York Times wrote in 2008 about the untouched culture of the Kuna Indians. They write about the natural beauty of the Islands of San Blas and the ancient culture that still lives among the Kuna’s. They say it is a magical place where nobody wants to leave.

World Atlas

You can find some amazing photos of the Kuna Indians and the San Blas Islands on the website of the World Atlas.


If you’re still not convinced to go to San Blas you should read the reviews people write about San Blas on Tripadvisor. San Blas gets an almost perfect recommendation on Tripadvisor, this doesn’t happen to many places. You can view the reviews about San Blas on the website of Tripadvisor.

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