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New Year in San Blas

New Year on the San Blas Islands

New Year on the San Blas Islands
Are you looking for the perfect way to celebrate New Year? Well what about starting the year 2015 on an uninhabited tropical island? Sounds great right? It might not be the party as you normally have since the facilities on the San Blas Islands can’t host a massive New Years Eve party. Nevertheless, the local Guna’s know how to start a party on their islands.

Planning the New Years Evening

Starting 2015 on January the first isn’t much different than any other day on San Blas. Nonetheless, the New Years Evening is a different story. The Guna communities travel to family and friends on the larger islands like Chichimei and celebrate New Years Eve like most human beings. They have lots of fireworks, which they will light at 00:00 and alcohol to get the party starting. Most of the pre-evening entertainment starts with a large bonfire on which they roast chicken, pig or seafood. Everybody is free to join and the Guna’s are such nice people they don’t mind sharing their food (not a guarantee for food ;-)). Bring your own liquor or buy some from the Guna’s as they run little bars that serve all kinds of beverages. The most famous drink in San Blas is the cocoloco, this is a fresh coconut filled with local rum. There are people dancing, music and fires on most of the islands and the vibe is perfect. Celebrating New Year on a tropical island like San Blas is definitely a must do item on every bucket list. Are you sailing through the San Blas Islands? Don’t forget to go out with your dinghy around 21:00 and head for one of the islands to enjoy the party, its free! If you just want to spend the night with your lover than we can suggest finding a small island for yourself and enjoy the fireworks that will be all around you on the larger islands. In combination with the moon and stars this will be the perfect way to start the New Year.

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