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Isla Diablo in the Cayos Limones

Isla Diablo in the Cayos Limones

Isla Diablo in the Cayos Limones
Isla Diablo or Devils Island is nothing more than a scary name. The island itself is absolutely beautiful and well worth the visit. Isla Diablo is located in the northern part of the Gulf of San Blas, in the Lemon Keys or Cayos Limones as the locals call them. It is one of our favorite islands to visit in Guna Yala.

Cayos Limones

The Cayos Limones are only 30 minutes with the water taxi from Carti and easy to reach from El Porvenir island. The Cayos Limones are a bunch of small island well protected against the Caribbean Sea by sandbanks and coral reefs. This makes them an excellent place to explorer the water life surrounding the islands. They are also located close to the open water so you will find larger fish swimming around and occasionally a dolphin or two. Its clear water is also one of the many plus points of this island. Isla Diablo is one of the Cayos Limones you can’t skip when you visit San Blas. The island offers eco friendly lodges to stay for the night and a very nice beach with calm water surrounding it. On both sides of the island you will find a well-preserved coral reef that offers shelter to an abundance of marine life. This makes Isla Diablo an excellent place for snorkeling and relaxing on the beach. The local Guna’s running the island are friendly and willing to make your stay something you will never forget. If you are visiting the islands in the lobster season you should not skip this delicious meal!

From Panama City to Isla Diablo

The fasted way to get to Isla Diablo from Panama City to Carti by 4×4 jeep and than the water taxi, which will take you to the island in approximately 30-40 minutes. You can also fly to El Porvenir and take a water taxi from there, this will take you only about 15 minutes. It is more expensive than by 4×4 jeep of course.

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