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Happy New Year!

New Year San Blas Panama

New Year San Blas Panama
The team of wishes everybody a happy New Year and lots of good fortune in 2015! This year is going to be amazing and a fresh start to forget all your troubles and wrongdoings. We hope that you spend your first day of the New Year at a place that you will remember throughout the year.

We are thrilled to announce that our website is growing as we speak! The fact that we have been drinking coco loco’s and eating red snappers must have something to do with it!

We enjoy our time on mother earth and hope to preserve the beautiful nature of the San Blas Islands. Therefore, we would like to ask everybody that visits the islands to treat it with respect. This way it is possible for many generations to celebrate New Year on the San Blas Islands like we do. Because nobody wants to miss an epic beach party on a deserted island!

Good luck in 2015 and make the best of it!

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